Keeping Healthy

This is the keeping healthy section of my blog.  In it I will post links to the farms that I shop at, books that I’m reading, and whatever I am doing to keep myself healthy.  My hope is that you will take part in the discussion and that we will all get healthy together.

Healthy Eating

I eat a smoothie every day.  I freeze different fruits and buy flash frozen wild blue berries.  I add ice, water, and Chlorella to the frozen fruit and blend until smooth.

Chlorella- available at Wholefoods – is a nutrient-dense superfood that provides more than 20 different vitamins and minerals, an abundance of naturally occurring Beta Carotene (Provitamin A), B12 as well as 18 Amino Acids, including all the essential amino and fatty acids. 

Chlorella, one of the highest natural sources of chlorophyll, contains 20 times the chlorophyll of alfalfa, nearly 10 times that of spirulina, 8 times that of wheat grass and 10 times that of barley grass. What’s more, each of Chlorella’s cells are a self-sufficient organism with all the plant’s life function taking place inside the cell that results in an unusually high concentration of nutrients in the Chlorella plant (chlorella is 50-60 percent protein compared to rice; 7 percent and soybeans; 39 percent). Additionally chlorella has a variety of minerals like iron and iodine as well as zinc. As a nutritionally balanced whole food, chlorella is the perfect complement to any supplement. Without the proper nutritional balance our bodies may waste up to 95 percent of the high potency vitamins and minerals we take.

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Produce from Jessica's

Produce from Jessica's

This is my favorite organic farm.

Jessica’s Organic Farm has been growing a sustainable Sarasota through organic agriculture since 1979. We are one of the original organic growers in Florida. Just a short drive east of U.S. 301 off DeSoto Road, surrounded by suburbia and a stone’s throw from a golf course, is a ramshackle collection of two houses, a greenhouse and a big, rickety roadside stand. It’s all surrounded by row after row of lush green plants; and if you’re

lucky enough to drive by on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, you can pull over and buy some of the freshest, most flavorful produce you’ll ever taste in your life.

Jessica’s Organic Farm in Sarasota – click on link

Healthy Loving

This is what my girlfriend and I do on Sunday afternoons.

This one has different color eyes.

Nothing makes me happier than going to the shelter and playing with the cats and Taking the dogs for a walk. We can’t take all of them home, but we can give them some loving while they are waiting to be adopted. All you have to do is walk in, sign up, and take a dog out for a walk.



Hint Hint: If you like to play with the puppies you shouldn’t wear shoes with laces

Sarasota County Animal Servicesclick on link

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Healthy Exercise

Healthy exercise is fun and gets you moving around.  Try riding your bike.  It’s something that anyone can do (bikes come in all shapes and sizes).

If you worry about being on the road with cars, don’t. You can ride on our new Legacy Trailclick on link. If you need help getting started email me  I am sponsored by Ryder Bikesclick on link. Ask for Rich, Buddy, or Paul – the owner and tell them that Brian sent you.


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